Tourist Tax

What is it

You've booked your holiday, worked out your spending money budget, boarded your flight and finally got to your hotel and are ready to start your holiday. Then you are greeted by the happy receptionist at the check-in guest and billed $100 for hotel tax you had no idea you had to pay; tragic. Follow my steps below to ensure you turn up to the check-in desk, tax in hand, more ready than they are; the last thing you want is a nasty shock to start your trip!

Tourist Tax (also known as 'Hotel Tax' or 'City Tax' or 'Lodging Tax') is a fee that is subject to variation, these can be:

  • A set fee due per person, per night

  • A set fee due per person, per night subject to the star-rating of the accommodation

  • A percentage of the room price

  • A set fee due per person, per day if the customer is not staying over night

This fee is either payable at check-in or check-out (or can be already included in your hotel booking). If you are to pay it at check-out you will usually be asked for your credit/debit card details as insurance, but you should be able to pay by cash at the end if that is your preference.

In order to find the exact tax you are required to pay or even find out if it is included in your hotel booking you should check directly with the hotel or your booking details. But you can click the links below for each area's tourist tax:


USA (look at the column for 'Lodging Tax')

Asia & South America Certain countries are gradually

starting to discuss/implement Tourist Tax therefore you

should check your destination/hotel at the time of


Australia It is very unclear whether there is 'Tourist Tax' if

you are not working and just holidaying in Australia,


hotels state VAT is included (see photo to the right) but I

would check directly with the hotel you are thinking of


New Zealand The 'Tourism Levy' will be charged at visa


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