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Foodie Trouble

Often from your first word or the first syllable of your accent, the price spikes up and there is nothing you can do apart from look back and laugh. Or you can completely underestimate prices and put belly over brain, here is a few example of where we have been completely stupid or possibly taken advantage of in our travels! Ps. In some of my stories the price just is that high normally but I'm still in shock!

First stop Prague: On day 1 we started our city adventure by visiting the famous Wenceslas Square, of course we were hungry from the plane, car and unpacking so we desperately checked the surrounding restaurants' menus. Rule no.1 of choosing a restaurant abroad is read the menu and actually make sure you understand the currency. We barely did either and ended up in a restaurant's dungeon paying £50 for a cheese sandwich and an orange juice each! Pure example of hunger over logic and it didn't go too well, to this day I don 't know if the price is usually that high or if we were completely ripped off but I'm going with that latter... and for reference I don't tip for the sake of tipping. Probably very British of me but I think you earn a tip, and in this case the waiter definitely did not - here's how: so we paid the £50 in the local currency and as the waiter took it he gave us an odd look; when he came back with the change we were up with our coats on and said its fine keep it and he said 'no that is not a tip'. I mean.. for real? He was offended we did not tip enough when we were charged £50 for a cheese sandwich?! Anyway lesson learnt.

Next stop NYC: So I had never experienced jet lag or America before I'd visited New York City and I may have overdone it on the first day, to the point where the second day finished early and I was in bed by 4pm. Woken up at 9pm I was starving and resorted to room service for dinner, please note that I had never ordered room service before either so the excitement overrode the logic quite massively. $60 later for a sandwich, crisps and jacket potato that were crusty and either over cooked or been sat there for years (probably both), hindsight shows McDonald's would have been the better option. It seems to always be sandwiches that do me dirty and before you ask - yes I read the menu, no I did not add up the order before calling down. Also, who knew chips were actually crisps in America, not me! PS: Often I don't take my own advice and forgot to find out that tax is not included in the advertised price, just an added bonus on the crusty sandwich!

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